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Positive feedback from medical students
Positive feedback from medical students

Positive feedback from medical students

As an author and creator of scientific content, I value community feedback from my YouTube channel. My videos cover a broad range of subject knowledge, including the area of medicine. Therefore, I am sharing some of this positive feedback from declared medical students to highlight what a privilege it is to share my knowledge with prospective medical professionals.

“Hey, I don’t know if you’ll see this since you uploaded these videos a long time ago. I just wanted to tell you that your videos are very informative and clear. I’m a second year med student and I just had a very convoluted class that left me absolutely confused and I was hoping for something like this to help me wrap my head around this topic. Thank you very much!”

FractalQueen, Medaphysics YouTube Channel

“sometimes….from nowhere a great channel for med school students appear just in the last minute, right before the exam. Not all heroes wear capes, dude. You have my gratitude!”

Teo Botez, Medaphysics YouTube Channel

“Wow I’m a Korean Med student and I find your videos way more helpful than my professors… You have a talent for explaining things much easier and understandable. Thank you so much for helping me out on immunology :)”

댕댕, Medaphysics YouTube Channel

“And this is too what is sad about graduate medical education. I am in a grad program at a medical school and everyone just says read the lecture notes and know those… that is the textbook. I learn far better from reading actual books since my native academic background is studying the English language. I am accustomed to thinking about things I read in an in-depth manner as opposed to just memorizing something. So, as of now when I do read, I find ways to see the intersection of my class material as opposed to just memorizing sound bites. BTW I just saw your video on TCR rearrangement and you did a far better job explaining it compared to my professor. He mentioned back to a previous lecture and you showed the comparison and the relationship between B cells and T cells which is awesome!!!”

Chris Li, Medaphysics YouTube Channel

“First year med student in first week of immunology here, thank you so much this was much easier to follow than my lecture”

elchinio RL, Medaphysics YouTube Channel

“I am a med student and I have been using your videos to study for Immuno/Path. They are so helpful! The perfect amount of detail and plenty of visuals. Also, your candor made me laugh aloud unexpectedly. Nothing wrong with a little levity in the midst of a subject that is soooooo dense and unamusing.”

bmfmgntcorp, Medaphysics YouTube Channel